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Technical skills

Hidragrup team and comprehensive support: We do not outsource services linked to our core business, we have an experienced multidisciplinary team in charge of attending and supporting our clients throughout the life cycle of the projects.

Multi-task management: We assign to each project professionals with experience in the sector of activity of our clients. We provide commercial attention and technical support specialized and experienced in the technical and operational casuistics of the sector.


Project Management

Development of solutions from the client’s point of view:

  • Data collection: technical, operational and financial needs.
  • Flexibility in the negotiation of economic conditions.
  • Development, at no additional cost, of a preliminary project.

Technological innovation: Our products are continually evolving, allowing our clients to be at the forefront of technology.


Global Service

Global Service: Hidragrup exports more than 80% of its production. It has technical teams capable of offering local service in the main markets where it operates.

Service commitment: We are sized and committed to guarantee demanding technical service conditions (Technical service 24h, Remote support: 

  • Remote support: Response time 2h.
  • Regional technical assistance: Response time 24h maximum.
  • Global technical assistance: Response time 72h maximum.
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Multidisciplinary Installations

Compatibility with industry standards: Hidragrup evolves its equipment in line with technological advances.

Intelligent equipment and multi-manufacturer technological integration: Our equipment provides control centre functionalities for our own and/or third-party robotic integration.

Minimisation of downtime: due to predictive and preventive maintenance provided by the latest generation sensor technology incorporated in our equipment.

Integral connectivity: Connectivity with peripherals through different communication protocols (Profisafe, Profinet, profibus, point to point).

Peripheral compatibility: Continuously expanding the range of peripherals compatible with our machines such as SMEDS, gluing booths, ovens, IR, robotic arms…


Financial Strength

We bring 30 years of experience successfully developing, manufacturing and commercializing equipment for customers in different sectors in different parts of the world.

More than 1,000 machines are working satisfactorily in our customers’ production centers.

Maximizing productivity: Hidragrup designs and manufactures equipment to support a 24×7 production rate. The design, first class components and manufacturing methods applied, allow our equipment to operate without interruptions in intensive and extensive periods.

Minimisation of unscheduled downtime due to our highly sensitized equipment and preventive maintenance programmes.

We are committed to provide our customers with the highest quality standards through our Integrated Management System (IMS). ISO 9001 certification.


Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant Service. 500 m2 fully equipped to ensure that your production line is ready for rapid configuration at the final destination.

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