Our company has been manufacturing industrial machinery since 1990 and integrating it into the production processes of our clients.

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We develop presses for a wide range of applications and for different industrial sectors.

Precision presses and proven reliability, especially appreciated in the demanding automotive industry, but with a wide range of uses in multiple industrial sectors.

We use different technologies developed internally so that our presses develop all their power and precision aligned with the desired application:

  • Hydraulic presses: Our solutions cover a wide range of needs, in terms of both: size and configuration. From desktop machines, up to 4500 Tn presses.

  • Electric presses: Recommended for applications up to 10TN.

  • Hybrid: Able to combine the best properties of the different systems.

  • Powerful hydraulic units assisted by electric motors managed by electronic systems.

  • Electro-pneumatic: For applications up to 5 TN.