Quality policy

Quality policy



Achieve excellence in the design, production and repair of cylinders, hydraulic groups and machines. Be highly efficient, staying at the forefront, taking care of the people who make up the company and providing high added value solutions to our clients.


“To be the reference company in special machinery, services and distribution of hydraulic material”


COMMITMENT: Behavior by which the person expresses a high involvement with the company, demonstrating his loyalty to it.

RESPECT: Value by which colleagues, clients and the company are recognized, accepted and valued, both for their qualities and their rights.

RESPONSIBILITY: Conduct with which people carry out the assigned tasks, assuming the consequences of their actions.

Three Practices define our identity

PROFESSIONALISM: We are a team of specialists that strives to give the best of itself in the fulfillment of each project. This is an enthusiastic group, backed by the value of experience and led by professionals in search of excellence.

  • FLEXIBILITY: We adapt our services to the demands of our clients. We respond quickly to the changes and challenges of today, working towards objectives that allow us to lighten the structure and costs of our clients. We always offer them new engineering solutions that solve the challenges they face in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.
  • EFFICIENCY: We make the objectives and goals of each client our own. We analyze and propose to find the most effective and appropriate solution. We value horizontal structures, where all opinions are heard and considered, and that allow operational efficiency to achieve maximum quality by optimizing resources and with the best possible service.

To achieve compliance with the above, Management assumes the following commitments, making them public for both internal and external purposes:

HIDRAGRUP is committed, through the establishment of objectives and the achievement and review of its goals, to stay within the path of continuous improvement, to improve productivity, stimulate creativity, initiative and a sense of responsibility. of our staff; the minimization of consumption, hazardous and non-hazardous waste; improve working conditions aimed at obtaining the appropriate level of protection for workers as well as avoiding material damage and reducing work absenteeism.

HIDRAGRUP, is committed to identifying and meeting the needs and requirements of customers and interested parties, trying not only to satisfy but go beyond their expectations, including applicable legal and regulatory requirements, transferring them to our organization in the form of defined, known and accepted requirements. for everyone.

HIDRAGRUP, is committed to analyzing and proposing the most effective and appropriate solution, making the projects in which we collaborate with each of our clients our own.

HIDRAGRUP, is committed to promoting the promotion of a culture of performance and value creation, implementing mentoring programs, relying on professionals who share their experience. The transfer of knowledge and values ​​through our work methodology leads us to identification as a team.

HIDRAGRUP, is committed to maintaining and expanding our services in the markets in which we operate through Research, Development and Innovation, being one of our most important strategic axes, providing value to our partners as a differentiating factor with a vision for the future.

HIDRAGRUP, is committed to maintaining a balance between economic and social values, actively contributing to our environment. Childhood and education are the basis of our commitment, our objective is to try to improve the lives of children in vulnerable situations and the development of local talent.